The Journey

I have had a recent run of success writing for the monthly LoW competition and wanted to try and branch out to something else. The LoW forum has proved great for practicing my writing but it is a closed members group and I felt it was time to try something more open. My friend pointed me towards ‘The Journey’. It was autobiographical travel writing and although I normally shy away from writing about myself I was feeling inspired.

The other problem was that it was a minimum of 3,000 words and the deadline was due to close in 3 days. Fortunately I had a spare day and Oliver, as usual, helped me edit.

For my story I went back to a trip I’d taken in my youth, after my education and before my career. A time when I really didn’t know what to make of the world, or what my place was within it. I’d found myself trying to travel Europe on a bicycle, but without any savings or means of income. My nights were spent trying to sleep through torrential rain in a flimsy hammock, and asking myself ‘why?’

I won’t hear back about the competition until January but afterwards, regardless of result, I look forward to sharing it with you.