Welcome to my website, a continual work in progress. In that respect it is much like my mantra. It won’t always be up to date, I won’t always be creating or posting new material, after all, like all aspiring authors I have a day job to get on with.

Still, I will endeavour, as we all must, and I hope that I continue to drive my dreams into reality.

I grew up on all things science fiction and fantasy, as well as a healthy smattering of comic book superheroes. They spurred my imagination and creativity until my brain had no choice but to indulge in wildly fantastic daydreams. And, although those daydreams have slowed as I have aged they have also matured, becoming refined nuggets upon which I mine to create my stories.

Of late, I feel less connected to that world and so more and more of my stories are crossing over into general fiction, strongly rooted within the real world.

Presently I am conducting some final edits on my first sci-fi novel, hoping to polish it off before I begin to harass every publisher I can. This is an on-going objective but in the meantime I continue to write short stories to hone my writing, whilst also working on a fantasy novel series that has been haunting me for 15 years, begging to be written.

I’m not overly keen on talking about myself but if you’ve read this far then you deserve to know a little bit more.

I dwell in the gray granite slab of Aberdeen, a city that is in stark contrast to its country’s picturesque surrounding. That makes the city uniquely impressive, for it enhances the beauty which surrounds it. I live here with my wife, both of us willing slaves to the prominent oil and gas industry, but it isn’t our forever home. We have a cute little beagle called Loki, named after the release of the first Avengers movie, of which I am a massive fan. Obviously.

I am somewhat of a dabbler, constantly looking for new experiences and hobbies but rarely sticking with them. Since I turned 30 I have tried to keep a stricter focus, which is why this website is now here, as part of my increased dedication to writing. Fingers crossed my current drive will last.

I have a pragmatic attitude to my dreams, something that has always held me back but also something that has kept me safe and secure. Even my consideration of my ‘pragmatic attitude’ is pragmatic. My wife finds my pragmatism boring, and she’s probably right.

Fitness is a fleeting fancy of mine. Something which I keep telling myself will get easier with practice and yet remains a tougher challenge than writing my novel. Eating healthy only succeeds in giving me tantalising thoughts of ice-cream, and running my first marathon didn’t miraculously give me the six-pack abs, that every fitness magazine waves in front of my face. My wife is currently threatening me with a diet of chicken and broccoli, I smile and nod in response knowing I’ll still sneak in a few chocolate bars when she isn’t looking.

My writing has developed a lot over the last couple of years. The quality of my earlier work was so poor that when I look back upon it I am equally amazed and appalled. To come to this realisation is humbling, as well as frustrating, but luckily I was far too stubborn to give up. The improvements came slowly and I owe a select few friends for their honest feedback on my work, primarily my best friend Oliver who still finds the time to humour me and help edit my stories.

Based on this we were recently inspired to start a book review website. Offering free, and brutally honest feedback, for self-published authors. If it’s something that might interest you then please check it out: Striking 13

Things have probably gotten side-tracked, but I doubt you even read this far so I’ll just slowly try to fade out…